• Projekt
    Single Use RF Instrument
  • Abmessungen
    52 x 2 x 7 cm
  • Jahr

Corresponding to Richard Wolfs own description the TipControl Concept is „lateral thinking around corners“. TipControl instruments are used especially in full-endoscopic spine surgery in order to achieve adequate scope of movement through minimally invasive openings to the operating site for all radiofrequency applications. The special ergonomic handle shape offers benefits for handling in the interlaminar procedure and in the transforaminal/ extraforaminal procedure. Synapsis Design was involved in the technical concept and the design of this RF-Instrument and developed the 3D-data for tooling.
TipControl Bild21200X740 HG3 - RICHARD WOLF Tip Control
TipControl 1200X900 2blau - RICHARD WOLF Tip Control

Hände SW new - RICHARD WOLF Tip Control