• Projekt
    HF surgery unit
  • Abmessungen
    39 x 17 x 45 cm
  • Jahr

Maxium - KLS MARTIN Maxium
The MAXIUM by KLS Martin is an advanced surgical generator for maximum 4 handles with high frequency (HF-) currents and it sets new standards in functionality and ease of use. A large user interface allows comfortably dimensioning power and current forms for cutting handles, scissors, forceps and other surgical instruments, and the combination with foot switches. Furthermore MAXIUM is equipped with treatment parameters for more than 200 applications in different languages. The sockets are lit-up for darkened surgery rooms, and also the ring around the main turning knob changes colour according to current forms and other parameters. In combination with an argon beamer for efficient haemostasis of larger areas MAXIUM represents a powerful surgical device. Synapsis Design was involved in design, housing construction, ergonomics and light concept.
KLS Maxium1200X900 3blau - KLS MARTIN Maxium
KLS Maxium1200X900 2blau - KLS MARTIN Maxium